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The mystery of our business is to create values and help those who can't help themselves. The legend of the Sitno Knights, sleeping enchanted under the rock on Sitno hill waiting to be wakened to come out and help the humble folks whenever they are in most desperate need, serves as our inspiration. Our activities have helped to bring bankrupt Slovak enterprises back to life and together we have succeeded in creating more than 3,000 new jobs in places where people have indeed suffered the most. That is why we bring the Legend of the Sitno Knights to you in its original version:

A long time ago near Sitno there lived a blacksmith. He was handy but not very busy because there was no fighting and food was scarce. He lived near a stream where he fished for trout and drank pure spring water. However he had no clothes to dress his children; they were still small, but they were growing. He wanted to sell his blacksmith workshop and live a peaceful life. Until that knight arrived. He wore strange armor and people at first thought that he was a merchant. The villagers asked each other, what could he possibly want from the blacksmith? He followed the knight into the woods and no one saw him since. They went all the way to Sitno and the blacksmith began to regret his decision leave home. He was afraid that the knight was going to kill him and he wanted to escape. Then the hill opened.
There were many knights inside, an unbelievable number and all were asleep. The only one awake was the blacksmith's guide. The blacksmith had to forge many swords and pieces of armor; the ringing of his hammer filled the air. The blacksmith was forgotten in the village and people thought that the knight had killed him long time ago. His children had grown up and his wife had found a lover.

Some years later, he returned with a good sized pouch. Fortunately there was still enough work to keep him busy because everyone had something that needed repair. Where had he been? With the Sitno Knights. It is said that they come and help Slovaks in the worst of times. Only few people knew that the swords and armor of the knights were magical... 


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